Christine Lindsey Walters

Disappeared 11/14/2008

This website was created to help find Christine Walters, she disappeared November 14th, 2008 from Eureka, CA.
Dear Friends;
We are trying to shed some light on the strange disappearance of our daughter Christine.  The fear of not ever knowing what has happened to our loving and beautiful daughter is heartbreaking.  Someone knows something, someone has information on what happened...we just need to find that someone.  We shared a life with Christine for 23 wonderful years...we laughed, we cried, had the best of times, and a few hard times as well, but in all we raised a gentle, tender, passionate, warm, wonderful, loving, bright ,happy, beaming, and magical indiviual with ideas of doing great things. She loved people and gave her trust whole-heartedly; the daughter we raised for 23 years somehow lost her way within a few short months while on the begining of a new journey...
Unfortunately, there are people in this world that are brilliant at sizing up their victims, with a feral instinct for finding their weaknesses, only to close in on their unsuspecting prey, pouncing on and eventually entraping them, leaving them helpless...
We don't have a clue as to what has happened to our daughter, but I can tell you this, SHE DID NOT DISAPPEAR ON HER OWN!
If anyone has any information or would like to contact Christine's family please email them at

Please pass this website along to everyone you know.  Family, friends, your church, any organization you think will help. People lead to more people and the more exposure Christine's story gets, the better the odds of finding her. We need everyones help!

Thank You,

Christine's Family


Make a donation to help find Christine.

or a donation can be sent directly to:

Bank of Deerfield

% Christine Walters Fund

PO Box 85

Deerfield, WI  53531



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